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Basic Informations

Get help with Matterhorn Wholesale integration

The Matterhorn Shopify Integrator is an application designed to simplify the process of selling Matterhorn Wholesale products in your Shopify store. The app automatically adds products from Matterhorn to your store, updates inventory levels and prices, and calculates the markup on products. Additionally, it allows you to easily place orders for sold products either as a bulk order or using a dropshipping model, all without the need for coding or specialized technical knowledge.

The Integrator allows for flexible management of the products you wish to add to your Shopify store. You can individually select products while browsing through our wholesale inventory and add them to your integration list, which will automatically upload them to your store. Alternatively, you can add entire collections by brand by going to the "Brand Store" tab and connecting the brands that interest you. These products, as well as any future products released under that brand, will be automatically added to your store.
It's important to note that products are imported as drafts. You will need to manually activate them, and you have full freedom to edit them as you see fit. Our application does not overwrite the title, description, or any other product information, only updating the selling price and stock levels.

Our application significantly simplifies the process of placing orders for sold products in our wholesale inventory. We offer two models:

Traditional Bulk Orders:

The app enables you to place bulk orders for products that you have already sold. Once the order is placed, we will send it collectively to the address of your choice. The entire process is automated, eliminating the need for manually adding products to the cart, and can be completed in just a few clicks.

Dropshipping Orders:

If you prefer the dropshipping model, you can also place orders that we will send directly to your customer's address. We do not include a VAT invoice in the package, ensuring that the customer will not see the purchase prices.

Currently, our Integrator is in its beta phase and is available to our clients completely free of charge. The only cost you will incur is the fees associated with maintaining your Shopify store.

Why is our application not yet available in the official Shopify Store? Our Matterhorn Shopify Integrator is currently in its beta testing phase. This means that certain features may not yet be fully optimized. Once the testing phase is complete, we plan to officially launch the application in the Shopify Store. In the meantime, the installation requires a few additional steps, but don’t worry — we’re here to assist you in setting it up.

How it works - step by step

Step by step workflow with Matterhorn Integrator.

The first step is to create an account with our Matterhorn Wholesale. If you don’t have an account yet, you can register by visiting the Matterhorn Wholesale Registration Page. After logging in, proceed to the dedicated Shopify integration pageto continue the process.

After creating an account with Matterhorn Wholesale, the next step is to connect your Shopify store to our integrator. Please follow the steps outlined in the store connection guide to integrate your first store. Note that the ability to add products to your list will be enabled only after a successful store connection. Instructions for connecting your store can be found in the FAQ section under "Connecting your store".

Once you've successfully connected your store to the Integrator, you can start adding products to your list.

You have two options:

Adding Individual Products:
After successfully connecting your store, a new option will appear within the Matterhorn Wholesale interface that allows you to add individual products to your product list. While browsing through our wholesale offerings, you can select products that interest you and add them to your list. Upon adding, these products will be automatically imported into your Shopify store.

Adding Entire Brands:
If you prefer, you can add entire collections of products from specific brands. To do this, go to the "Brand store" tab and select the brands that interest you. All products from that brand (including future ones) will be added to your store.

Remember, the products are added as drafts, allowing you to edit them later before activating them in your store.

Once you have orders in your store that include products from our wholesale, you can conveniently place an order for them through our platform. Here are your options:
Wholesale Orders: You can place a bulk order for the sold products, which will be shipped to an address of your choice.

Dropshipping Orders: If you prefer, you can place the order as a dropshipping order, in which case we'll ship directly to your customer's address without including the purchase invoice.

After placing and paying for the order, we'll take care of the rest—preparing and shipping the products.

Connect your store


Since our app is not yet available in the Shopify Appstore, you'll need to follow some additional steps to integrate your Shopify store with the Matterhorn Wholesale. Here's how to do it step-by-step.

You can also check our video tutorial

Step 1: Log in to Shopify Admin Panel Navigate to the login page and sign in to your Shopify Admin Panel.

Step 2: Note Your Store Name Once in the admin panel, go to "Settings".
Note down the store name displayed in the top-left corner of the settings window (in the format: store_name.myshopify.com). You will need this for later steps.

Step 3: Prepare the App
In the "Settings" window, navigate to the "Apps and Sales Channels" tab.
Click the "Develop Apps" button in the top-right corner.
If this is your first time, click the "Allow Custom App Development" button.

Step 4: Create App Click on the "Create an app" button. You can type any name for the app, for example, "MatterhornWholesale".

Step 5: Configure API
Click the "Configure Admin API Scopes" button.
Type and check the appropriate boxes for:
products (write_products, read_products)
locations (write_locations, read_locations)
inventory (write_inventory, read_inventory)
orders (write_orders, read_orders)
Click "Save".

Step 6: Save API Keys
Navigate to the "API Credentials" tab.
Click the "Install App" button and then click "Reveal Token Once".
Copy and save the "Admin API Access Token", "API Key", and "API Secret Key".

Step 7: Connect Shop in Matterhorn
Go to the Matterhorn website and navigate to the "Connect Shop and Settings" tab.
Click "Add New Store" and enter the previously gathered information.

Step 8: Additional Configuration
After adding the store, go to the integration settings by clicking on the gear icon.
Here you'll find options to select your product locations and currency settings, as well as the option to change the default price markup.

Step 9: Confirmation
If you see "Active Connection!" below the store name, it means everything is set up correctly.

Before you start adding products to your list, select a location for them and check the language and currency settings of your store. After connecting your store, go to the "Connect shop and settings" page and click on the gear icon next to your store. Here, you'll see the currency in which Matterhorn will provide prices and the language in which the products will be imported. These settings are pulled from your Shopify store.

On the second settings page, you can also change the location for your products. The list of locations is imported from your Shopify store. To add a new location, do so in the Shopify admin panel and then update the setting here.

Note: Changing the location is possible only until you add the first products to your store.

If you plan to operate on a dropshipping model, you should adjust your shipping costs to meet your business objectives. When you place an order with Matterhorn, you will be charged shipping costs for the destination country according to the table available on the page Shipping options. Our integrator does not set up shipping costs in your store; you should do this manually.

Feel free to add this to your FAQ to guide your users in setting up their shipping costs when using Matterhorn's services.

Managing Products

In this section, you'll learn how to add individual products or entire brands to your store.

Adding Individual Products:

After connecting your first Shopify store through our wholesale site, an additional option will appear, allowing you to add products to your product list. Once you add products to this list, they will appear in your Shopify store within a few minutes or up to several hours.

Adding Entire Brands:

If you want to sell products from a specific brand and wish for new products to appear in your store automatically, go to the "Brand Store" tab. There, you have the option to connect an entire brand, which automates the process of adding products to your list. You can also set an individual markup for selected brands. This feature greatly simplifies adding new products to your store.

When you add your store to our integrator, you provide a default price markup that will be added to the price of each product. You can later change this markup in the "My Products" tab. The system will automatically update the price in your store.

This allows you to easily manage your profit margins and ensure that the prices in your store reflect your business objectives.

After adding products to your list, our system will automatically upload them to your Shopify store. By default, these products are uploaded as drafts and are not initially assigned to any sales channel. However, you have the option to change this default behavior in the store settings by enabling the "Activate products right after import" feature. With this setting activated, products will be immediately visible in your store upon import, bypassing the draft stage.

To customize and activate these products manually, you'll need to edit them directly from your Shopify admin panel if the automatic activation feature is not enabled. This process involves updating the title, description, and images according to your branding and product needs. Once you're satisfied with the changes, you can activate the products and assign them to your desired sales channel.

This workflow provides flexibility, allowing you to choose between immediate product visibility or full control over the final presentation of your products, all within the familiar interface of your Shopify admin panel.

Products will start being added to the store immediately after they are added to the list. Products are added in batches of 10. Initially, you will see the product cards in your store, followed by the system updating their inventory status. Adding a single product takes from a few to several seconds. If you are adding thousands of products, the process can take several hours.

Shopify has daily limits for adding products, typically allowing for the addition of around 50,000 product variants per day. When this limit is reached, our application will attempt to add products again after a period of 6 hours.

During the store setup, you can enable the option "Add Matterhorn Tags". Products added after setting this option will include the following tags:

  • Matterhorn_ProductId_{MatterhornProductId}
  • Matterhorn_Category_{MatterhornCategoryPath}
  • Matterhorn_Type_{MatterhornProductType}
  • Matterhorn_Color_{ProductColor}

During the store setup, you can enable the option "Add Metafields to product". System will update your products with metafields:

  • [namespace] => matterhorn_namespace
    [key] => color
    [value] => {color name}
    [type] => single_line_text_field
  • [namespace] => matterhorn_namespace
    [key] => product_id
    [value] => {matterhorn_product_id}
    [type] => number_integer
  • [namespace] => matterhorn_namespace
    [key] => category_id
    [value] => {matterhorn_category_id}
    [type] => number_integer
  • [namespace] => matterhorn_namespace
    [key] => category_path
    [value] => {matterhorn_category_path}
    [type] => single_line_text_field
  • [namespace] => matterhorn_namespace
    [key] => product_type
    [value] => {product_type}
    [type] => single_line_text_field
  • [namespace] => matterhorn_namespace
    [key] => category_name
    [value] => {matterhorn_category_name}
    [type] => single_line_text_field
  • [namespace] => matterhorn_namespace
    [key] => vendor_name
    [value] => {vendor_name}
    [type] => single_line_text_field
  • [namespace] => matterhorn_namespace
    [key] => wholesale_url
    [value] => {url_to_product_in_matterhorn}
    [type] => url
  • [namespace] => matterhorn_namespace
    [key] => category_level1
    [value] => {category_level1}
    [type] => single_line_text_field
  • [namespace] => matterhorn_namespace
    [key] => category_level2
    [value] => {category_level1}
    [type] => single_line_text_field
  • [namespace] => matterhorn_namespace
    [key] => category_level3
    [value] => {category_level1}
    [type] => single_line_text_field

Making orders in Matterhorn

Dropshipping Model - Delivery to the End Customer's Address If you wish to conduct business in a dropshipping model, Matterhorn will send the order directly to your customer's address. To facilitate the order placement process, go to the "Dropship Orders" tab. Here you will see a list of orders from your Shopify store that contain products imported from Matterhorn. You can easily generate dropshipping orders in our wholesale warehouse by clicking the "Place Order" button next to your order and selecting the delivery method. In this way, the integrator will generate an order in the Matterhorn wholesale warehouse with the assigned address details of your customer. After generating the orders, proceed to payment and pay for the orders. You can also check the order statuses in the same tab to monitor fulfillment.

Note: If you place a dropshipping order, Matterhorn will not add a sales document to the package; send the confirmation to the customer from your store.

If you wish to place a traditional bulk order and have the sold merchandise first shipped to your headquarters, go to the "Wholesale Bulk Order" tab. On this page, you will be able to display products imported from Matterhorn and sold within a given time frame and place a bulk order, which will be sent to your headquarters' address.

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